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What if speed could be liquid?



Joint with David Cimon (WLU).

Joint with Katya Malinova (McMaster). 2013 WFA paper.

Where You Can Find Me

Northern Finance Association Annual Meeting

Discussing Fund Competition at the Zero-fee Bound by Marius Zoican.

SAFE Microstructure Conference

Discussing Information and Optimal Trading Strategies with Dark Pools by Ariadna Dumitrescu, Anna Bayona, and Carolina Manzano.

Selected Awards and Grants

SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Does it Pay to be Secure? Cyber Risk and the Competition for Clients in Financial Markets (joint with David Cimon)

SSHRC Connection Grant

Bank of Canada – Wilfrid Laurier Market Structure Workshop (joint with Andriy Shkilko)

SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Financial Information Acquisition and Dissemination in a High Frequency World

NASDAQ OMX and CQA Doctoral Tutorial Best Paper Prizes

Awarded for (now-titled) Price Improvement and Execution Risk in Lit and Dark Markets.

Current Courses


An introduction to Corporate Finance. This course is required for the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration.

A PhD course covering theoretical tools useful for research in Finance and Financial Economics.